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Financial Readiness for College Graduates

Have a new college graduate? Give your loved one the gift of financial readiness.

This is the time of year when college graduates prepare to make their career dreams and goals a reality. Despite their degrees, however, some are ill equipped to face financial challenges.

Tax Planning Basics

For years it was assumed that tax planning was reserved for the wealthy. While wealthy individuals will see the most benefit from tax planning, with big changes looming for the 2018 tax year, middle-income earners can also reap the benefits of tax planning.

Are You Losing Sleep Over Money? Here’s What You Can Do

Everyone knows the benefits of a good night’s sleep. But when your mind is on money, sometimes it’s hard to sink into slumber. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Americans occasionally experience sleep problems due to financial woes.

The cost of health care tops the list with more than a third of respondents saying their fretting keeps them from snoozing.

How to Get Your Kids Exercising

The electronic age may have made life easier and more convenient for you and your children or grandchildren. But it also has made a lot of us more sedentary.

You know what it takes to get exercising: a plan and a little initiative. But how do you get the little ones moving?

Are you Prepared for Retirement Health-Care Costs?

Paying for health care in retirement is not an easy task. Despite rising costs and increasingly complex coverage requirements, you can take steps today to help ensure you’re not struggling tomorrow. As you explore your own retirement planning and health-care expenses, here are some facts to keep in mind:

How Your Social Security Survivorship Benefit Affects Your Life Insurance Needs

Generally speaking, conversations about life insurance revolve around whether you should buy term or permanent insurance. However, every decision to buy life insurance begins with deciding what is the right amount of life insurance. And, integral to determining the right amount of life insurance is understanding the role of your Social Security Survivorship Benefit (SSSB).

Pay Yourself First - The Holy Grail of Personal Finance

Remember back to your first paycheck. The moment you opened the envelope anticipating the windfall when all your hard work pays off. Then, realty hits. Your takeaway earnings are almost always lower than what you expected.

Things Many Business Owners and Leaders Don’t Know About 401(k) Plans

Please know that our firm, RMR Advisors, is not selling a service nor are we paid in any manner to share this information. We simply feel compelled to share what we have learned while working in the industry and servicing our clients’ businesses.

Welcome back Dara!

We are very excited to share that Dara Biederman is now back at RMR Advisors! After working with Susan and Erik for several years, Dara left RMR in January 2011 to accept a compliance position at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB).

Basic internet safety practices reminders

The recent international, internet ransomware attack has prompted us to review some basic internet safety practices:

• Never click on links, read emails or open attachments from people you don’t know or companies you don’t do business with.

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