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Successful Financial Habits For College Graduates

Successful Financial Habits For College Graduates

Dee Kerr, CFP®, CDFA®

It’s that time of year again-- college graduation is upon us. There could be a lot of college graduates that find themselves making personal financial decisions on their own for the first time. This can seem overwhelming and a daunting task at the start.

NextEra Changes Utility Paradigm By Outperforming S&P 500 Index

  • NextEra Energy has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 Index over the past decade.
  • NextEra is up much more than the broad market benchmark over the past six months.
  • Like all utilities, NextEra is a defensive stock, but it stands out for growing earnings and free cash flow.
  • NextEra has increased dividend payouts on a yearly basis.


Understanding Minimum Distribution Requirements


Getting Close to Retirement Age in PA?

How Your 2018 Your Tax Returns Were Impacted by the Government Shutdown and What You Can Expect for 2019 Tax Season

Tax Returns, Tax Reform and How it Affects You

Whenever we talk taxes, the focus is on one specific date: April 15. The prolonged government shutdown at the start of the year and potential impending government shutdown are shifting the focus for tax preparers and filers who can expect some delays.

Finding the Right Balance with Company Stock


Provided by Doug Fletcher

Including company stock among the investments in your 401(k) plan can be powerful. It gives employees a voice in the firm’s direction, pride of ownership, and a direct correlation between their job and company performance. At the same time, employees should understand how to use company stock wisely as a 401(k) plan investment.

Retirement In Sight Newsletter for February, 2019

Shocked By Your Tax Revaluation? You Can Appeal.

Property revaluation assessment is a very hot topic among homeowners in Mecklenburg County right now. Many of you have probably received notices about the residential, rental or commercial property you own. This has significant impact from a planning standpoint.

Why Financial Advisors Are Still Important

With the rise in popularity of financial planning robo-advisors, many experts predicted the beginning of the end for financial advisors. But as many investors are starting to see, there are distinct advantages to speaking with a live person when determining just how you should invest your money.

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