Happy Spring Cleaning!

Eric Mikkelson |

Happy spring! Today is the first official day of spring (3/20/17) and as we eagerly look forward to warmer weather, the flowers returning and days with more sunlight another tradition is just around the corner. Spring cleaning is defined as “a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in spring.” But perhaps it can be more than that. Recently, I came across the following story about a woman who discovered that spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning. It can be about unearthing treasures you had long forgotten. Treasures you didn’t know you had.

Here’s what she said:
This year, spring cleaning for me didn’t mean cleaning my house. I was cleaning out a box! In the midst of doing my spring cleaning this year, I found something very dear and old that I’ve been carrying around with me for over 10 years.

I am sure we all have something like this: a little trinket box, a lunch box, or an envelope. Something that we have been carrying around with us unconsciously everywhere we live because it has been a part of who we are—yet we do not ever look through it and sometimes forget what we have kept in them.

In my case, it’s my memory box. I noticed that I have taken this box with me everywhere. When I move, the box moves. When I clean, I move the box from one place to another to make or free up space. While doing my spring cleaning, I moved it and thought, “What is so important in this box and why do I still keep it around?” I decided that it was time to go through the memory box to find out what was so important about it.

In my memory box I found: birthday cards, anniversary cards, letters, and poems both from my spouse and children that they had written in their grade school years. I also found pictures my kids drew with dates on them. As I looked at the dates on the pictures and letters, I was transported back in time. I could distinctly remember the feelings I felt the day I first saw those things, and remember the many things that followed during that time frame.

Going through my memory box, I started thinking about my future memory box and what kind of memories I would put in there. I realized that every moment is important, because the moments we live in create memories, and memories are more valuable than any other form of riches. “Memories are timeless treasures of the Heart.” Take time to notice the things you tend to overlook while you do your spring cleaning this year. Happy spring cleaning!