How Do You Burn the Pounds?

Eric Mikkelson |

Pounds. Pounds. Pounds. For many fitness enthusiasts, exercise is about burning those extra calories to shed that extra weight. In the final analysis, it’s about pounding the pavement to lose the pounds.

Increasing the rate of metabolism becomes the single most important goal of working out. How do you do it? What exercises work best? What methods and lifestyle habits up the metabolism rate the most?

Here are some tips for building that lean, mean fighting machine:

    &nbsp• Metabolism rates are higher in muscular people. Compare muscle and fat. A pound of muscle burns 6 calories a day by just being there. A pound of fat burns 2 calories. The moral of the story: Build muscles. Burn calories.

    &nbsp• Aerobic exercise may not build muscles. But it does cause your metabolism to burn at higher rates, especially the period following exercise. The more vigorous the exercise, the longer your metabolism stays elevated.

    &nbsp• Drink, drink, drink. Your body requires water to burn calories. Even mild dehydration slows your metabolism. Studies show well-hydrated people burn more calories than others who don’t make hydration a priority.

    &nbsp• Small, more frequent meals keep your metabolism rates cranking at higher levels. Your metabolism slows during the longer stretches between larger meals. The ideal gap between meals is 3-4 hours.

You can pulverize the pounds just by taking a few easy steps, literally and figuratively.