If you don’t know where you’re going, then how do you know when you get there?

Eric Mikkelson |

Regardless of what the market does in the short term, your goals in life don’t go away. All the important goals in life need a well-developed plan. How well are you planning these days?

If an average person like me attempted to sail from, say, New York to Bermuda without any maps or navigational equipment, I most certainly would fail. Yet ships sailing from New York to Bermuda arrive 99.9%+ of the time.

Naturally, a ship’s captain uses all the right maps and equipment. Before leaving port, the captain plots a detailed course; and also recognizes that it’s impossible to just set a course and then go to sleep for the rest of the voyage. All along the way, the captain reviews the ship’s progress, understanding that the winds and currents may push the ship off course.

When you work with us for your financial planning, you remain the captain of your “financial ship,” and we are here alongside of you as your “crew” doing all we can to keep you on the right track for your journey. As a part of our meetings with you, we take time to review where you are along your journey and adjust your plans as needed. If anything comes up between our meetings, we are always happy to have a phone call or meet with you again to review and update your financial planning and goals.