A Paws-itive In-Vest-ment

Doug Giageos |

At RMR Wealth Advisors, we know a thing or two about investing. But recently, the team at RMR made a new friend who taught us about a new kind of “in-vest-ing.”


We had a surprise visit from Bob and his service-dog-in-training, Buddy. Bob and his wife Amanda are volunteers for an organization called DogsInVests Inc. DogsInVests trains service dogs to be placed with individuals with disabilities, primarily autism. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 53 million Americans, of all ages, have a disability. More often than not, resources are spread thin for families dealing with a life altering ailment. Specially trained service dogs usually end up costing a family upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. DogsInVests aims to help people with disabilities become more independent and empowered, without the financial burdens.


Buddy and his fellow service dogs are specially trained to be paired with people with autism. They must go through traditional obedience training as puppies and are required to satisfy so many hours of rigorous specialized training prior to being placed in their forever home. And DogsInVests takes their matchmaking process seriously, since every person with autism is unique with different needs and accommodations required. The dogs spend a great deal of time interacting with their new human during the training stage. This helps facilitate a bond between them, which is essential for the success of both the individual and the dog, as well as the pair together as a team.


DogsInVests relies on volunteers’ commitment to helping others and making a difference. Bob mentioned that they are always looking for volunteer puppy raisers. These volunteers have an important task, not just in raising the service-dog-to-be, but also in raising awareness and to educate the public about the dogs and their mission. And when you gaze into the dark, soulful eyes of that precious pooch, it’s hard to refuse. In fact, when Buddy happily strolled into our office, the staff let out a heartfelt “Aww!” in complete unison. Buddy certainly stole our hearts that day. We think, given the chance to meet Buddy and his friends Ace and Cleo, you’d be persuaded to get onboard the DogsInVests bandwagon too, and participate in a truly immeasurable act of goodwill. If you are interested in learning more about Buddy and the rest of the DogsInVests team, or if you are interested in being a puppy raiser, check out their website, https://www.dogsinvests.org/.


As wealth advisors, we expect only paws-itive returns from this in-vest-ment!