Our wealth management services provide a comprehensive level of planning and investment management for people either in the "accumulation" stage of life, generally with minimum assets of $250,000 and desiring to increase their investments on a regular basis; or those in "retirement," generally with assets over $500,000.  Your cost is calculated as a percentage of your assets under management plus a flat fee for ongoing financial planning and other non-portfolio management services.

After we analyze your retirement and investment goals through careful portfolio evaluation, cash flow analysis, income tax planning, and estate plan review; investment recommendations are made, based solely on your specific needs, circumstances and goals.  We actively manage your portfolio and provide regular personal guidance to keep you on track, both now and For Your Financial Future.®

Portfolio Management of Your Accounts Include:

  • Management of your investments as a complete picture
  • Cash flow analysis and management (portfolio cash flow, wages, Social Security, pensions and other)
  • Regularly reviewing your portfolio to confirm your strategy aligns with your goals
  • Capturing profits and preserving wealth
  • Providing clear financial progress updates
  • Income/capital gains tax strategies
  • Access to quality investment managers and thousands of investment choices
  • Stock option/restricted stock planning

We clearly illustrate to you our behavior-based investment process and portfolio design called "Capturing Profits and Preserving Wealth." Once an investment portfolio has been agreed upon, recommendations are implemented. A carefully selected group of mutual funds is used for most portfolios, however special circumstances may need alternative investments. Larger portfolios may be appropriate for our Family Office Services. Use of reputable custodians assures you of reliable execution and reporting.

We continue to promptly attend to your additional needs, opportunities or financial questions as they arise. Our ongoing attention to the composition and performance of your investments and our frequent two-way communication with you distinguishes RMR as a truly client-focused firm.


After development of your comprehensive investment strategy and a written Investment Policy Statement, we will implement your strategy utilizing a full range of investment tools.

Dynamic Investment Management Process includes:

  • Capturing profits and preserving wealth ©
  • Active management of assets and perpetual monitoring of mutual fund managers
  • Meeting with you regularly to report progress toward goals as set forth in your Investment Policy Statement
  • Frequent contact and open two-way communication throughout the year
  • Making appropriate adjustments as you have major changes in your life or objectives.

Our Deep, Broad & Global Resources include:

  • Access to quality investment managers and thousands of investment choices 
  • FDIC insured investments
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Global, international
  • Derivatives (protection purposes)
  • Alternatives 
  • Access to quality third-party research sources