01. About Us

RMR Wealth Advisors specializes in comprehensive retirement planning, wealth management, family financial services and business consulting for professionals, business owners and other affluent clients, as well as those committed to a long-term wealth accumulation strategy. We are an independent fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. Independence allows us to focus exclusively on you, providing you unbiased advice and exceptional service, acting in your best interest at all times.

02. Our Philosophy

Dedicated to helping you as an individual, family or business, our Certified Financial Planners® work to help you enhance and protect your wealth, to meet your goals and needs. A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are independently owned and operated. We provide unbiased advice, do not receive compensation for the sale of securities or other products, nor are we paid any commissions. Placing your interests first, our only incentive is to provide what you need based on your agreement with us.

03. Our Process

The wealth planning process is a multi-step process that helps you identify and reach your objectives. You may benefit from having a written strategic plan for reaching specific goals and/or solving specific problems. Recommendations are based solely on your needs, circumstances, and goals, both currently and in regards to your future.


Wealth Planning

Our wealth management services provide a comprehensive level of planning and investment management for people either in the "accumulation" stage of life and desiring to increase their investments on a regular basis; or those in "retirement."


Investment Planning

After we analyze your retirement and investment goals through careful portfolio evaluation, cash flow analysis, income tax planning, and estate plan review; investment recommendations are made, based solely on your specific needs, circumstances and goals. We actively manage your portfolio and provide regular personal guidance to keep you on track, both now and For Your Financial Future.®


Family Office Services

RMR offers Comprehensive Family Services that assist multiple families with a variety of more complex issues related to their wealth management needs. These services include those offered to our portfolio management clients and much more.SM

Our Team

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Specializing in comprehensive financial planning, wealth management and family office services, my goal is to enhance...

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Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP)
Chartered Financial Analyst® Charterholder (CFA)
Investment Advisor Representative...

I am a financial planner and advisor and the Chief Compliance Officer for RMR. After joining RMR in 2005, I obtained the...

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Using excellent communication skills and a proactive approach, along with an emphasis on continuous improvement, I...

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With over 25 years of office experience, I have devoted the last 19 to the area of financial planning and asset...

I wear many hats at RMR. My official title is Administrative Assistant, and I also contribute to an array of marketing...

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