Family Financial Services

Working With You - Working For You

You may greatly benefit from our Comprehensive Family Services if:

  • You are looking for someone who understands the importance of wealth preservation and lifestyle management goals of high-net-worth individuals and families.
  • The various aspects of your financial life are multi-faceted, dynamic and interrelated.
  • You are looking for a higher level of customized solutions, specialized expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and notable personal service.
  • You have a need for improved risk management and objectivity.
  • You realize your level of wealth requires skills and knowledge that are out of your realm of expertise or those who have been advising you.
  • You need objective advice free from conflicts of interest, from someone who does not sell products.
  • You are ready to centralize the management of significant family wealth.

The Potential Benefits of a Comprehensive Family Services are many, including:

  • Confidential, personal knowledge of your family
  • Detailed understanding of all your assets and comprehensive planning
  • Critical thinking, technical excellence, customized solutions
  • Meetings at your home or office
  • Coordination with your other advisors serving as a gatekeeper to those seeking access to you
  • Stabilizing presence through major life events
  • Offering unrelated families the ability to share devoted, higher cost talent and experienced staff
  • Contracting for a share of the staff at an established RIA
  • Utmost confidentiality and discretion

RMR offers Comprehensive Family Services that assist multiple families with a variety of more complex issues related to their wealth management needs.  These services include those offered to our portfolio management clients and much more.

  • Investment policy development and asset allocation
  • Custodial selection and oversight
  • Portfolio management and quarterly investment performance reporting
  • Balance sheet analysis, cash flow analysis, management and forecasting
  • Annual consolidated net worth statements
  • Integrated tax and income plan design
  • Retirement planning
  • Stock option/restricted stock planning
  • Business assessment
  • Real estate advisory
  • Bank financing analysis and negotiations
  • Manage trusts and legal matters.
  • Strategy analysis and implementation
  • Liability and catastrophe avoidance insurance planning
  • Estate distribution strategies and wealth transfer planning
  • Legacy planning and family philanthropy coordination including multi-generational objectives
  • Succession planning